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I love creating special spaces for writers to come together and support each other on our often lonely journey. If you are a writer who could use some support and accountability, please join our small community of dedicated writers. We'd love to have you!


 A safe and sacred space for writers who need to feel focused and supported!


Feb 11 - April 22, 2023

(Register by Feb 9)

Sat, 11am - 1pm, ET, bi-weekly

If you've been struggling to make progress on your own, and are ready to dedicate the next three months to achieving your goals, this is a unique opportunity to make a significant breakthrough on your project and let go of your perfectionism for good!


  • Join a community of support and accountability.

  • Surprise yourself by achieving your writing goals with lightning speed!

  • Double the results by working half your usual time or less.

  • Develop a realistic individual writing schedule and a project map.

  • Enjoy a simple weekly accountability and progress monitoring system.

  • Relax at the end of each day, knowing you're on track to achieving your goals. No more guilt!

  • Work with an experienced coach without spending hundreds on 1:1 sessions,

and address any challenges or obstacles in real time.

  • Drop self-doubt and go from zero to thousands of words, or even

a complete draft, and fall in love with your writing process!

          Each group coaching session includes 1 hr of silent writing and 1 hr of coaching. It is built around your questions, which allows you to share the unique challenges in your process, and discover powerful tools and strategies for addressing each one of them!

By joining, you will also:

  • discover and test impactful new writing strategies

  • build a healthy and sustainable writing practice for life

  • discover simple and effective ways to overcome writer's block

  • halve the time it would take you to get to your goals by yourself

  • have structured support and individualized attention to your process

  • learn how to break up with your inner critic and nourish your writer within

  • enjoy being part of a supportive community of writers dedicated to the same goal

  • have a life-time access to a private community forum for addressing any questions, comments, or celebrations of all your mini-victories between our live sessions

The investment for 3 months is CAD $500 if paid in a single payment. $180 if paid monthly.

If this speaks to you, it would be my honour to welcome you and celebrate your success

as you meet and exceed your writing goals!

This is the last Club enrolment until Fall 2023, so make this winter count!

Spaces are limited. Register now to avoid missing out.

You can sign up here to join the club or be notified of future sessions,

and if you have any questions, feel free to email me or schedule a free chat! 


1-Day Online Writing Retreat
March 5th, noon - 4 pm ET

Can't make it this time? No problem. Sign up below to be notified of the future dates!

  • Achieve momentum, clarity, and your writing goals

  • Make a significant breakthrough in your writing 

  • Get the guidance you need from an experienced writing coach

  • Explore effective strategies for dealing with writer's block

  • Discover how to develop a healthy and joyful writing practice

  • Get support and learn from a community of dedicated writers

The investment is CAD$125

Sign up here for this retreat or to be notified of future sessions.

Notebook and Pen


  • Give yourself the gift of writing retreat right where you are!

  • This is a rare opportunity to shut down the world and immerse yourself in your writing.

  • I can help you set up a successful customized retreat in your home.

  • You won't feel alone - I will set up a retreat structure, guide and support your throughout your retreat with a customized set of tools you need to meet your goals, including a daily call/email (your choice).

  • This is a rare opportunity that every writer needs like air!

Individual retreat set up, goal setting, schedule, and daily support


If you want to share this special retreat experience with a friend,

you will each get a $100 CAD discount!

Email or book a free call to ask any questions.

Almond Tree Flowers


An Afternoon of Writing and Self-Discovery

Sign up below to be notified of future dates!

  • Set aside some time to explore you soul’s innermost desires

  • Examine the direction of your life and get clarity on your first steps

  • Discover your authentic voice and authentic path

  • Become your own life coach


Sign up here.

Space is limited, so sign up today! 

Sign up here to be notified of future sessions.


Get in touch today. Let's make your writing dreams a reality.

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