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Coaching That Makes a Difference


Feeling stressed, stuck, or overwhelmed by your writing goals? 

I can help you trade stress and overwhelm for clarity and joy so that you can meet your goals within months!

You can transform your practice and meet your goals without sacrificing your wellbeing.

All coaching sessions are offered in person and over the phone only. Book a call today. It's FREE!


Initial conversation (15 min)  FREE

Intake Conversation (90 min) 250 $USD

(Can be booked as a separate session and included into all coaching agreements, except for Afternoon with a Coach)


Afternoon with a Coach

3 hours

If you don't have months to transform your writing practice over time (recommended), but

are ready to make a radical change, this is a chance to clear as many obstacles as possible in one afternoon,

identify limiting beliefs, develop a strategy and a detailed routine tailored to you!

Writing Ninja

5 weeks

Focus your writing practice! Learn how to swiftly chop off all unhelpful thoughts and beliefs

and liberate your writing practice from all unnecessary distractions.

Find clarity and joy and start enjoying your writing every day!

5 weekly sessions

Nourish the Writer Within

3 Months

Break up with your inner critic and nourish your writer within!

Enjoy a tailored support and accountability system designed to help you meet your short-term goals and start or finish a single project.

12 sessions + Afternoon with a Coach!

Liberate Your Writing and Your Life

6 months

Redesign your practice and your life to support your dreams!

Experience tailored support designed to help you discover your goals, design a powerful strategy, and

develop a detailed weekly routine, so you can meet your goals and feel inspired by your own process!

Enjoy tailored weekly support + 2 Afternoon with a Coach sessions!

Book a FREE call to discover if this is the right program for you!

When you feel ready to make your dreams a priority and transform your life and practice

through a unique coaching experience tailored to your vision and values,

book a FREE call to ask any questions you might have.

Discover how powerful and fearless you can be!

Notebook and Pen


Are you feeling stuck at the crossroads? Are you ready to get curious about your life

and the choices you are facing? Discover your direction, purpose, and strength!

Remove the obstacles and start moving towards the life you want to be living.

I can help you create a clear direction and a map to navigate your journey!


Initial consultation (15 min)     FREE 

See all packages above!



If you are going through a relationship or communication breakdown with someone you love, the support and guidance of a family mediator and divorce coach can be a welcome presence through this difficult life transition. 

My husband Richard is an Accredited Family Mediator. During his professional career, he has specialized in assisting adults during life transitions with intuitive emotional support as they pass through periods of prolonged grief and losses of positive personal identity. He helps couples or individuals deal with stress and renew their self-confidence so they can make the life choices leading toward a positive expansion after separation. 


To find out more, please visit, or email him directly.

Get in touch today. Let's make your writing dreams a reality.

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