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  From Burnout and Anxiety to Healthy and Joyful Productivity 

If students or faculty in your program or institution need to replace stress and burnout with clarity, momentum, and healthy productive habits, I'd love an opportunity to share all my secrets, strategies, and solutions.

Natalya Androsova is an award-winning writing and dissertation coach with 25 years of teaching and coaching experience. Her passion is helping writers become more courageous, authentic, and kind to themselves.

She has coached professional writers and university writers of all skill levels–students, staff, and faculty.

Through individual coaching, writing groups, and writing retreats, she has helped hundreds of writers to break through blocks and find inspiration, a more authentic voice, and a greater freedom in their writing and their life.

Micro Habits, Mega Impact

Learn how to build a healthy and joyful writing (creative) practice with micro habits

Writing Myths Dispelled

Learn how to replace toxic writing myths with a healthy mindset and effortless momentum

Unblock the Writing Flow

Learn how to overcome writer’s block and anxiety and start writing today.

Working with the Best!

Held talks, workshops, and retreats for

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